Welcome, beautiful!

Welcome, beautiful!

Permission to throw away the conditioning ♡

Wild Women Forest Retreat 2020

Wow! What an incredible weekend we had together! Thank you to everyone who came out on this beautiful weekend to connect with like-minded souls & nature, as we come together to embody our freedom! A...

Energy Healing

What is Bio-Energy healing? Bio-Energy healing is a natural healing modality that uses your body’s natural energy system to restore the body to its natural state of health without the use of medications. This gentle...


Join me for an online or in-person yoga class! Yoga is a beautiful practice that marries energy flow with the movement of the physical body. Emotions are energy in motion. Much too often in our...

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Experience a deep energetic release in a Bio-Energy Healing session.

What is Bio-Energy Healing?

Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle but powerful healing technique, which uses a series of hand movements around the body to increase energy flow and release any blockages that may be causing pain.

In Bio-Energy Healing, I work with your body’s natural energy field to clear any blocked energy and emotion that may be causing physical, emotional or mental dis-ease, so the flow of energy can be restored and the body, mind and spirit can return to a state of health and vitality.

Bio-Energy has been used effectively to treat back pain, joint pain, injuries, migraines, digestive issues, fatigue, mental fog, depression, asthma, arthritis, skin irritation, and more.

How does a Bio-Energy Healing session work?

The first half of the session is usually done with the client in the standing position, followed by the sitting position for the second half of the session, although accommodations can be made as necessary depending on your individual needs.

Sessions are currently being offered in-person and by distance healing through ZOOM.

A course of Bio-Energy treatment is typically 5 sessions, which includes 4 sessions in a row (either 4 days in a row, or 1 session a week for 4 weeks), with a follow-up session a month later. This 5-session course of treatment is extremely powerful, as each session progressively deepens the release, which allows for a more permanent shift in energy flow through the body and a higher likelihood of full recovery.

Do I have to believe in Bio-Energy for it to work?

It is not necessary for you to believe in the Bio-Energy healing, but we ask that you be open to experiencing it for yourself.

What is the exchange for a session?

The exchange for one Bio-Energy session is $100. Or if you purchase a full course of treatments (5 sessions total), you can receive this package for $400, a savings of $100.

How I got into Bio-Energy Healing

This healing modality helped relieve me of 2 years of knee pain and injuries. After experiencing 8 different knee injuries in both knees (ACL, MCL and meniscus), having 2 surgeries, being on the list for another surgery in both of my knees, I discovered Bio-Energy Healing and went to a weekend course. I walked into the weekend workshop with my crutches, and I came out on Day 2 carrying them! It was truly a life-changing experience for me. After that, I became a practitioner, and I now travel to facilitate healings with with First Nations communities, while also working with clients in BC and in Nova Scotia.


Please use the link below to book your 60-min Bio-Energy Healing session. Sessions can be done in person (Vancouver) or through ZOOM.

If you feel the call to receive Bio-Energy Healing but have some questions, you are welcome to book a Free 15-minute Clarity Call where we can connect and discuss your healing journey!

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Join me for an online or in-person yoga class!

Yoga is a beautiful practice that marries energy flow with the movement of the physical body. Emotions are energy in motion. Much too often in our lives, we suppress, deflect or ignore our feelings so to avoid feeling uncomfortable things. When we do this, emotions don’t have the opportunity to be felt, move through us and be transmuted.

Yoga has been a magical practice in my life to help calm the mind and practice present-moment awareness, and it’s my greatest honor to share this with open-minded students who are looking to connect more deeply with yourself, and in particular, to deepen the acceptance and compassion you have for yourself on this life journey.

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I currently teach yoga (upon request) at retreats, schools, for company training days, and wherever else you can feel you fit a bit of movement and mindful awareness!

For inquiries on teaching yoga for your company or for another private group, please contact me at kass.rhode@gmail.com with your request!

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