Why Cacao?

Cacao is a delicious superfood with tons of beneficial nutrients. There are numerous physical benefits to Cacao, but the peaceful warm feeling it brings to my body is probably my fave. Whatever I was maybe stressing about a moment before, dissolves into a peaceful openness.

I’ve been leading Cacao ceremonies for the last year at our retreats and other events. It so gently bring us out of the mind and into the body, and opens the heart to be more receptive to connection & creativity. It allows us to go deeper in meditation and really FEEL the electromagnetic field of our own hearts! ♥️

Those who attend Sacred Cacao Ceremony share that they experience:

💜 more inner peace than they’ve felt in a long time
💜 deeper compassion
💜 more connected to themselves
💜 the felt sensation of energy moving through their bodies
💜 a field of unconditional love to support them as they move forward into daily life

Here are some shares from participants following their experience:


Attending a Cacao Ceremony

If you are interested in attending an in-person Cacao ceremony, and live in the Vancouver area, click here to connect with me on Instagram 🥰. Please send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!

Private Sacred Cacao Ceremony for you + your loved ones

YOU ARe more than enough (23)

I am so excited to now be offering in-home private Cacao ceremonies to share with your loved ones.

Bring the people that matter the most together for a sacred gathering to close out 2021.

In this 2 hour ceremony, you’ll receive:
~ Energy clearing of your homespace
~ Grounding & clearing the mind
~ Sacred Cacao Medicine for deeper connection to yourself & friends
~ Energy cleansing meditation to release heavy energy from your body
~ Intention setting for 2022

$60 per person. Min 6, max 10.

*DECEMBER SPECIAL* Organize a ceremony for your friends & organizer goes for free!

Booking for private Sacred Cacao ceremonies is down below.