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Join me for an online or in-person yoga class!

Yoga is a beautiful practice that marries energy flow with the movement of the physical body. Emotions are energy in motion. Much too often in our lives, we suppress, deflect or ignore our feelings so to avoid feeling uncomfortable things. When we do this, emotions don't have the opportunity to be felt, move through us and be transmuted.

Yoga has been a magical practice in my life to help calm the mind and practice present-moment awareness, and it's my greatest honor to share this with open-minded students who are looking to connect more deeply with yourself, and in particular, to deepen the acceptance and compassion you have for yourself on this life journey.

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I currently teach yoga (upon request) at retreats, schools, for company training days, and wherever else you can feel you fit a bit of movement and mindful awareness!

For inquiries on teaching yoga for your company or for another private group, please contact me at with your request!

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