Hi, beautiful soul.

Hi, beautiful soul.

You are so deserving of your own love & acceptance ♡
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Beautiful soul, I am beyond excited to welcome you to my brand new online community, Awakening Hearts.

A sacred space for your healing & awakening journey.

Together in this nourishing Patreon community, we will expand your capacity for self-compassion & acceptance, and discover how to deeply honour yourself & your human journey.

Join me for interactive masterclasses, virtual ceremonies, energy activations & healing transmissions, and much more.

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I'm Kassie.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator
Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Bio-Energy Healer
& Co-Founder of Liberated Woman Retreats.

I am a space-holder for those on their awakening journey to increase their capacity for self-compassion & self-acceptance.

I work with souls who have:

felt the pain of the high standards they have for themselves - in work, relationships, and even personal growth,

lost themselves in other people's expectations - constantly shape-shifting & betraying themselves by people-pleasing & living in "shoulds",

felt disconnected from their body & trapped in the busy-ness of the mind,

felt exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious - like an invisible weight was suppressing their joy of life,

known there has to be more to life & craved a deeper connection to their spiritual self & soul's purpose.

My story

I am so deeply honored to work in the field of natural health. Previously, and for almost 8 years, I worked toward a Bachelors and Masters in science. Following this path was what I felt I was “supposed” to do, and I ended up feeling disconnected from myself and feel deep unhappiness.

When I was 23, I experienced a series of health issues that left me on crutches for the better part of 2 years. In this time I experienced 8 different knee injuries, 2 surgeries, physiotherapy, cortisone shots & everything else you can imagine.

I was forced to unplug from the matrix, and take an honest look at my life. I ended up discovering that mental, emotional and physical health are all related - and that the mind-body-spirit connection is so much more real than I could have ever imagined. I never would have called myself spiritual - in fact, I had a lot of disdain for religion in the matter I'd been taught.

I experienced a miraculous healing of my body, through energy healing - and after that, took a deep-dive into this metaphysical world where body, mind, spirit and energy intersect. I am so excited to share this with you and support you on your journey of healing and expansion!


From my heart to yours, these are my current offerings.


Awakening Hearts Online Community

A sacred space for your healing & awakening journey ♥

Together in this nourishing Patreon community, we will expand your capacity for self-compassion & acceptance, and discover how to deeply honour yourself & your human journey.
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Bio-Energy Healing

Healing sessions for the mind, body & soul (virtual & in person)

These sessions are suitable for:
~ reducing pain and inflammation
~ healing chronic dis-ease & illness
~ reducing stress & relaxing the mind, body & nervous system
~ anxiety & depression
& more

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Attend a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and experience the gentle but powerful heart-opening effects. Leave feeling a deep inner peace and a deeper connection to yourself, as well as the felt sensation of your own energy.

To find out more about upcoming Cacao ceremonies, click here.


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