What is Bio-Energy healing?

Bio-Energy healing is a natural healing modality that uses your body's natural energy system to restore the body to its natural state of health without the use of medications. This gentle but powerful healing technique uses a series of hand movements around the body to increase energy flow and release any blockages that may be causing pain.

What conditions can Bio-Energy treat?

Bio-Energy is completely safe to use with any and all medical conditions. It has been used effectively to help with used to help with back pain, joint pain, migraines, digestive issues, fatigue, mental fog, depression, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, skin irritation, insomnia, early stages of certain cancers and more. Bio-Energy has also been incredibly effective with stress-related illness and emotional problems.

In my personal experience with Bio-Energy, I've helped to successfully bring new energy into the body to reduce and eliminate back pain, neck pain, ankle injuries, mental fog, emotional turbulence, chronic stress & much more!


How does a Bio-Energy healing session work?

A Bio-Energy session is typically between 40-45 minutes. The first half of the session is usually done with the client in the standing position, followed by the sitting position for the second half of the session, although accommodations can be made as necessary depending on your individual needs.

A typical course of treatments includes 4 sessions, either one a day for 4 days, or one per week for 4 weeks, with a follow-up session a month later. The reason for 4 sessions is that we work on a healing curve to progressively deepen the release with each session, while also balancing the body.

Do I have to believe in Bio-Energy for it to work?

It is not necessary for you to believe in the Bio-Energy healing, but we ask that you be open to experiencing it for yourself.

Why I got into Bio-Energy Healing

This form of healing helped relieve me of 2 years of knee pain and injuries. After experiencing 8 different knee injuries in both knees (ACL, MCL and meniscus), having 2 surgeries, being on the list for another surgery in both of my knees, I discovered Bio-Energy Healing and went to a weekend course. I walked into the weekend workshop with my crutches, and I came out on Day 2 carrying them! It was truly a life-changing experience for me. After that, I became a practitioner, and I now travel to facilitate healings with with First Nations communities, while also working with clients in BC and in Nova Scotia.

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