What an incredible series of experiences we've had doing Bio-Energy Healing work with First Nations community members.

We have travelled north through the province of BC, Canada to work with people living in First Nations community to release pain and trauma that may be stored in the body's energy field.

My most impactful experience happened when I gave a healing session to a beautiful woman in the community. She came back to me a few hours later with these earrings, and she told me that for the last 2 years, her creativity and inspiration had been blocked, and she was unable to work on her art and craft projects.

After 1 Bio-Energy session, she felt her inspiration return and spent the afternoon making earrings!
She gifted these earrings to me (photo below), along with a hug and a big THANK YOU for bringing healing to her people. What a gift!! 💜

We are happy to travel around the province of BC to work with communities during community healing weeks, health fairs and any other event where we can provide our service. For inquiries please reach out to me at kass.rhode@gmail.com for availability!