Choose Your Energy Exchange!

Do you ever feel like your mind is running YOU, instead of the other way around?

Does the defeating voice of the Inner Critic show up in your every day life, telling you you're not good enough, not deserving of love of prosperity, or causing you to self-sabotage when good things DO show up?

Do you feel like you just can't get things under control? Do self-criticism and habitual worry run your life?

Have you recently discovered deeply-held Limiting Beliefs that feel like they're preventing you from getting what you truly want?

Have you ever been late for something, and then somehow your Inner Critic spirals from "I am late"... to "I'm ALWAYS late"... to "I'm not a good friend"... to "I'm unreliable and no one trusts me"? This may sound like an extreme example, but that's EXACTLY what our Inner Critic does to us every day.

If so... Are you ready for a MIND RESET?

In this 8 week workshop, we will meet for an hour weekly on a LIVE video training to dive deep into the inner workings of the mind. With weekly exercises to support the teaching, I will show you how to switch OFF the voice of the critic and the harsh limiting beliefs to be able to truly find mental peace.

Don't worry - we find a weekly time slot that works for everyone! If you have to miss a class, the calls will be recorded for you to easily catch up!

**LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. I only take 6 people MAX for this workshop at a time**

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • Why you're not alone: How each of us experiences the nagging voice of the Critic
  • The ways in which the Inner Critic spirals: Why the Critic is there and how it's been protecting us
  • How to release judgment of yourself and people around you
  • How to deal with perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies that overwhelm you
  • How to handle the difficult emotions the Critic brings to the surface: How to release the fear around not feeling good enough, "What If"s, and learn to be present in the moment
  • How to treat yourself with the same kindness you would give to other people
  • How the Critic may even be affecting your physical health!
  • A simple 5-step process to silence your Inner Critic
  • A powerful exercise to shift the REGRET (guilt, shame, embarrassment) that may be fueling your Inner Critic
  • How everything you want is within your reach: Diving deeper into the Law of Attraction
  • Money mindset: Exercises to break your way out of the limiting beliefs around money, prosperity, what you deserve and the ease of money flow in your time!
  • Why the mistakes you've made in your life can be your biggest assets!
  • How to stop wishing time away: Stop waiting for the work day to end or for Friday to come to enjoy your life!
  • How to discover a daily sense of PEACE when waking up in the morning
  • How to stop taking everything so personally
  • How to unleash the best version of yourself, and show up as that person even when you're not feeling like your best self

What you will receive:

1. Weekly private group calls

2. Weekly PDF with activities to release the hold of the Inner Critic

3. Individual feedback on the exercises

4. Access to private Facebook community for support

5. Full access to me for support and clarification throughout the program

What previous participants have said:

"I can't even believe I'm the same human being as 6 months ago, my mind is blown. It's been emotional, energizing, and inspiring. I was in a really shit place. Your Law of Attraction Challenge was the first step, and even though I didn't finish the whole thing, it was the first step... THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have no idea where I would be right now had I not gone ahead with your courses. They helped me so much, I can't even put it into words." - Meghan L., Canada

"I used to be so down on myself... The amount of time that I used to wish away was just insane. Thinking, "I can't wait for these next 4 days to just fly by so I can be off again and enjoy this 1 day to myself." It's like wow... You only have one life on earth, and you're just wishing away all of your days. It's not at all how it's supposed to be." - Ally W., Canada

"I love this whole course you have offered to me and I am so happy and grateful for all the little things I've learnt along the way! The past couple weeks have been some of the best times I've had in a while and things just keep getting better! Not just in the material world but I've noticed many small things that I'm doing (how I respond to the critic's judgement in my head with your tools)... I've started running again I've been much more confident...  Overall I am feeling so much better!! Thank you so much Kassie!! You are a real blessing" - Rachel K., Canada

What is the value exchange?

The regular price of this workshop is $900. Seeing as we are in the year 2020, the year of amplified VISION to step more into our authentic selves, I am offering this course for $667. Flexible payment plans are available with a $150 deposit!

So... Are YOU ready for a mind resetIf the answer is yes, please reach out to me at to be put on the waiting list! <3