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What is a Home Energy Cleansing?

Energy is everywhere - it is all around us. These energies can have an impact on how we feel in a space: whether we are productive, whether we are able to relax and get good sleep, and how our relationships flourish.

Energy Cleansing for the home is a ceremonial process that clears any old, stagnant energies from your home or office space that may be lingering from previous tenants, or from your previous relationships and life circumstances. This session reprograms the energy to a higher frequency, which will facilitate productivity, deeper connection, rest & relaxation, and whatever else you decide you'd like to bring into your space.

Clear the Energy from Previous Tenants

The energy of those who resided in the space before you may still be lingering, which may be preventing you from feeling fully at home in your space. Maybe you've been feeling tension in your home, or general un-ease. This Home Energy Cleansing will clear this energy to create space for you to fully embrace your home or office space.

Attract New Things into your Life

So often we try to begin new chapters in our lives without energetically closing the old ones. This Ceremony will mark a new beginning in your life as we clear any energies that may be holding you back from a fresh start. From this space, unexpected miracles and incredible blessings can come to you!

Create Your Sanctuary

Especially if you are energetically sensitive, it is so important that your space feels safe, supportive and protected from external energies - a Sanctuary where you can feel at peace, rest and rejuvenate. In this session we will create an energetic boundary around your space so that all heavy energies are kept outside your Sanctuary.

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This session is perfect for you if...

✨ You have recently moved into a new home, apartment or office space and want to clear the energy from past tenants

✨ You feel sensitive to energies and want to ensure your home is a safe and protected Sanctuary where you can rest, rejuvenate and feel nourished

✨ You feel tension or un-ease in your space and want to clear any heavy energies

✨ You have recently gone through a break-up, changed jobs or have had other big life events/transitions (sickness, death) and want to clear the lingering energy to begin a fresh start

✨ You would like the energy of your space to support connection, love, abundance, joy, creativity and success

✨You would like to energetically support all those who enter your space (roommates, partners, children, pets) to feel calm and peaceful in your space

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Home Energy Cleansing & Blessing: What to Expect

A Home Energy Cleansing & Blessing will be approximately 90-120 minutes, depending on the size of the home and the number of participants in the ceremony.

Day of the session:

I will arrive into the space 15 minutes before our start time to set up.

We will begin seated together, most likely in the living room, for about 20 minutes before we get up to move around the house.

If you are comfortable, we will enter every room of the house for this clearing session, spending only 1-2 minutes in each room. We will finish together once again seated in the living room.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that all members living in the space be present for the session. There is a sense of empowerment & sovereignty that comes from being present in this ceremony, contributing and declaring your energetic intentions for your space.



$288 (within 5km of downtown Vancouver)
$333 (within 5-20km of downtown Vancouver)

Regular price: $388 (within 5km of downtown Vancouver), $444 (within 5-20km of downtown Vancouver).

To book the session, a $150 deposit is required.

Note: Payment plans are available. Please reach out to inquire.

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