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Who & Why I am

Hi, beautiful soul.
My name is Kassie.

I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in science. For almost 8 years I was in university completing these degrees, because that’s what I was “supposed” to do, even though it never made me feel truly happy or fulfilled.

I played sports my entire life - I played on multiple hockey teams, and played both basketball and volleyball growing up - and never had a serious injury.

In 2015, I experienced my first serious injury when I tore my ACL in my right knee, which required surgery and a year recovery. Over the next few years, I ended up having over 8 separate knee injuries, tearing my ACL, MCL and meniscus in both my right and left knees. After yet another surgery, continuing to tear the ligaments in my knees and feeling no relief from the pain, I started to realize that there had to be something else going on with my health that I wasn't aware of.

I started to realize the connection between our physical body and our emotional and mental state. I realized that we do so many things because we think we “should” do them, instead of finding what makes us truly happy.

When I reached my breaking point, I decided to open my mind to other possibilities. Being an analytical, logical person most of my life, it was a stretch for me to open my mind to alternative healing therapies.

A series of beautiful synchronicities brought me to a free seminar in my city on Bio-Energy Healing. When I heard what the teacher was talking about, it resonated with my so deeply! I knew that it had been what I'd been looking for all along. I realized that while the Western world's medical system is great for acute injuries or illnesses, it often misses the mark on investigating the mind-body-spirit connection in relation to chronic illness and pain. The missing link, as I now discovered, was energy.

After this talk, I signed up for a weekend workshop where I would learn more about Bio-Energy Healing. That weekend, I walked in with my crutches on Day 1.. and walked out on Day 2, carrying them. It felt like a MIRACLE, and I was really in awe with what had just taken place.

energy healer

After that weekend, I started waking up in the morning without pain. Within the next couple of months I was back to my normal activities, started running again, and realized that our energy field, when blocked by certain thoughts, emotions and experiences that may have lingered, plays a significant role in our physical health.

After I healed my knees, I dove even further into books, trainings, workshops and retreats all over the world to learn more about the mental and emotional connection to not just health, but everything else we bring into our lives, from relationships to feeling fulfilled in life. I started learning about the Law of Attraction and realized that whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets and attracting things back to us.

I discovered that there IS a way out of feeling like life is just happening TO us, and that we have no control over it. When really... you are so much more powerful than you think!

Since then, I have had the honor of facilitating online workshops, Women's Circles, Women's Retreats, Bio-Energy Healing courses and more. This journey is a beautiful exploration of what can happen when we bring ourselves back into our bodies, and aren't constantly living in the monkey mind. From here is where the magic happens. We are able to align our emotional, mental and physical state to connect even more deeply to ourselves than ever before. What a ride it has been, and I feel so lucky to be able to share this with the world!


Certified Spiritual Life Coach
Certified Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coach
Certified 200hr YTT Yoga Teacher
Certified Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner
Certified Bio-Energy Healing Teacher