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My Turn: A Journey of inner alchemy & reclamation.

This is for those who have lost themselves in the expectations of others.

Who have held their tongue and stayed silent, for fear of conflict or being perceived as selfish.

Who have built up defensiveness and resentment in their relationships, and know something needs to change.

The truth is, beautiful soul, that to live FULLY EMBODIED with an open heart… we need to be in our power.

To live with heart, we need to know that we can trust ourselves to have our own back.

We need to claim our right to be here - to be respected, loved and supported, first by ourselves, and then by the rest of the people who are gifted with our energy.

To no longer seek external validation for our worthiness or acceptance.

This is full permission to discover and claim your needs and desires, and to have them expressed and met.

energy healing

Through a combination of coaching, Energy Healing & Activations, Guided inner journeying & more,
We will explore the 4 pillars of Alchemy to claim Your Turn.

YOUR TURN to feel powerful in your body.

YOUR TURN to soften your impossibly high standards for yourself.

YOUR TURN to feel empowered to have difficult conversations.

YOUR TURN to set requirements for how you are treated in relationship.

YOUR TURN to speak your truth with clarity and confidence.

YOUR TURN to end role-playing and feel safe to simply be all of you.

YOUR TURN to practice pleasing yourself instead of others.

YOUR TURN to trust yourself fully.

YOUR TURN to heal at the deepest level.

YOUR TURN to balance softness & strength.

YOUR TURN to finally feel empowered in your life.

YOUR TURN to create magic & miracles for yourself, beyond your wildest dreams.

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The 4 Pillars of Alchemy

1. Earth Alchemy


Deep body connection & grounding
Releasing fear stored in the body
Root chakra & third eye chakra clearing
Inner clarity: What are my true needs, desires & values?
Feeling safe & at home within myself
Connecting to the inner I Am presence


Who am I? What do I truly need & want?

What are my values?

What are my unique needs to feel safe in relationship?


I am worthy of feeling safe in my body & having my needs met.

2. Water Alchemy


Inner child exploration & healing
Bringing shadow to light: What parts of myself have I kept hidden in judgment?
What wounds, stories and beliefs keep me in hiding? Releasing shame that keeps me playing small
Guided self-forgiveness journey
Deepening the inner well of self-compassion
Allowing myself to receive my own acceptance, compassion & love
Sacral & heart chakra clearing
Integration of the physical, emotional & spiritual realms


What wounds are looking for love, safety and healing?

How can I be more gentle with my own heart & healing journey?

Who am I beyond the pain & wounding?


I am worthy of my own acceptance, compassion and love.

3. Fire Alchemy


Energy leaks: Where I lose energy & managing my energy
Consciously creating inner empowerment through choosing myself
Solar plexus chakra clearing
Inner clarity: Knowing what is mine to do, and where I can leave guilt & shame behind and choose myself
Saying no
Taking aligned action


Where am I giving my power away? Where am I losing energy?

How can I set clear, self-loving boundaries?

What supports me in feeling empowered to take aligned action?


I am worthy of saying YES to what aligns with my truth & my values in my life, and leaving behind what doesn't.

4. Alchemy of Air


Finding my voice: Expressing my truth & my needs with clarity
Deepening my connection to my intuition
Throat chakra clearing & activation: Ascended Master Hathor throat chakra activation - remembering my sovereign power to create with my word
Crown chakra clearing - open to the magic & miracles of life
Soul gifts exploration
Dharma Initiation: Ceremonial initiation to welcome you into your souls path & purpose (Dharma)
Feeling safe to receive all that I desire; creating a life beyond my wildest dreams


What makes me feel free? How can I live in deeper freedom?

How can I open myself fully to receive life’s blessings?

How can I walk my soul's path in a way that feels resonant and fills my heart?


I am worthy of being ALL of me, and to fully receive life’s blessings.

Does this offering resonate with you?

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