Sacred Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a sacred medicine used in ceremony as a catalyst to open the heart. Brewed similar to a hot chocolate, this magical drink allows us to relax our mind, release the stresses of the day and settle more into our body.

When used before meditation, Cacao can significantly amplify your ability to clear your mind. It can also heighten how you feel and sense energy moving through your body. It truly allows us to slow down and feel more connected to ourselves. Many people describe it as a warm hug for the body & mind 🙂

Ceremonial Cacao is a delicious superfood, packed full of vitamins and nutrients, and is particularly high in Magnesium.

Those who attend Sacred Cacao Ceremony share that they experience:

💜 more inner peace than they’ve felt in a long time
💜 deeper compassion for themselves & the people in their life
💜 more connected to themselves & their body
💜 the felt sensation of energy moving through their bodies
💜 a field of unconditional love to support them as they move forward into daily life

Here are some shares from participants following their experience:


Attending a Cacao Ceremony

If you are interested in attending an in-person Cacao ceremony, and live in the Vancouver area, click here to connect with me on Instagram 🥰. Please send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!


Private Sacred Cacao Ceremony for you + your loved ones

I also offer in-home private Cacao ceremonies to share with your loved ones.

In this 2 hour ceremony, you’ll receive:
~ Energy clearing of your homespace
~ Grounding & clearing the mind
~ Sacred Cacao Medicine for deeper connection to yourself & friends
~ Energy cleansing meditation to release heavy energy from your body
~ Intention setting

Please reach out to me at to inquire 🙂