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~ Empaths, sensitives, healers + lightworkers who have always been a "safe space" for friends/family to be vulnerable + share their problems
~ Those who want to hold their first ceremony or gathering, but feel overwhelmed and like they're lacking the tools to make it happen
~ You have a connection to a meditation practice, to the universe, to your own divinity
~ You're experiencing your own awakening - seeing what needs to shift in society to become more heart-centered
~ You believe that society needs to come back into our hearts, and your core values are compassion, understanding and unity
~ You understand the sacredness of holding space for others, and want to make sure you hold space with integrity
~ You're new to holding sacred space in groups and feel called to share as a natural expansion of your own spiritual practice


~ those wishing to simply add another stream of income to their life - the primary intention must be to be of service
~ those who do not already have a relationship to their spirituality
~ those wishing to take a course specifically focused on channeling, reading tarot / oracle cards

Meet the Team

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wild woman retreat

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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~ the art of holding sacred space
~ learning breathing techniques to calm the nervous system
~ practice leading, facilitating and guiding
~ deeper confidence in yourself
~ learn to set the sacred container for your group
~ moving through Imposter Syndrome and the feelings of "being a fraud" that surface
~ knowing when to shift the energy (after a heavy share)
~ how to weave & circle back to a topic one of your participants shared
~ creating the container - how to make it so people aren't talking over one another.
~ what your role IS as a space holder & what it is NOT.
~ learn to hold your group's intention
~ maintaining your alignment
~ learn how to show up vulnerably and authentically
~ how to create a circle based on equality, ensuring you are all equals - this is so important as this evolution in human consciousness is all about taking others off of a pedestal, and no longer seeing yourself as less than others or better than others.
~ holding the energy of your group
~ practice sharing guided meditation
~ learning how to open the space and ground in with your participants
~ music and playlists to use that calm the nervous system
~ bringing your participants into the parasympathetic nervous system - calming the mind and the body
~ managing your energy - not taking on other people's energy
~ understand your unique soul gifts and expand into new ones
~ amplify your expression - find your unique voice
~ create a roadmap for your first circle and feel confident to step into it (length, # people, free vs. donation)
~ navigating your own wounds and traumas as they come up - because they will. Every time we step into a new role, out of our comfort zone, we will be confronted with our limiting beliefs and conditioning that tells us we can't - "Who am I to hold space for others?" We will move through this together so you have the tools to navigate this.
~ How to lead your circle with integrity + open-heartedness - the 2 most important qualities for a facilitator to embody - and being openhearted means feeling it ALL - not just love and joy
~ practice being SEEN
~ sharing your offering and inviting others into your offering
~ feel prepared to lead your first session
~ creating a space for your participants where all feelings are welcome
*** YOU Must be comfortable with your OWN shame, judgment and anger to be open to others expressing theirs.
~ not taking things personally - being openhearted but knowing what is yours and what is not yours to take on
~ navigating all the feelings your participants show up with
~ speaking to the state of the world
~ creating a safe and compassionate space.
~ how to bring in YOUR UNIQUE MAGIC AND ABILITIES - weaving in oracle card readings, songs, drumming, channeling & whatever YOUR unique soul gifts are to make the experience 100% original

As an empath, what is most likely stopping you is the fear of judgment, fear of doing it wrong and not feeling like you are able to do it.

* the history of ceremony and gathering - why we do it
~ there's nowhere you have to be. nothing you have to do.
dealing with perfectionism that comes up the first time we do something. Being a compassionate witness.


~ Ceremonial Cacao from Peru shipped to you ($70 value)
~ 10 weekly 90-min LIVE calls on Zoom
~ Ongoing support throughout the program


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