Hi, I'm Kassie.

I support you in feeling whole & complete by expanding your capacity to love & accept yourself unconditionally.

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I lovingly welcome you into this sacred space, where together we will awaken your capacity for self-acceptance, compassion, self-love, and a deeper honouring of yourself & your human journey than you've experienced before.

Throughout this journey we will bring light to - illuminate - those spaces that have kept you in patterns of self-betrayal, self-sabotage and

In this journey, you will reconnect to all parts of you - including the parts you may have judged or condemned in the past.

By shining the light of unconditional compassion toward ourselves, we are able to experience true healing - not superficial change that leaves us living life depending on our mood.

Feelings of self-hatred and self-loathing are a natural part of the journey of awakening -

They are a deep program, imprinted into our being. But those beliefs are not you.

Allow me to be your mirror - reflecting you back to you, with eyes of loving understanding, so you can connect to a deeper understanding for yourself.

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I work with beautiful souls who have...

felt the pain of the high standards they have for themselves - in work, relationships, and even personal growth,

lost themselves in other people's expectations - constantly shape-shifting & betraying themselves by people-pleasing & living in "shoulds",

felt disconnected from their body & trapped in the busy-ness of the mind,

felt exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious - like an invisible weight was suppressing their joy of life,

built up defensiveness and resentment in relationships from not speaking their truth, and have struggled to feel fully authentic,

struggled with unworthiness and to maintain acceptance, compassion & love for themselves,

known there has to be more to life & craved a deeper connection to their spiritual self & soul's purpose.

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