If you’ve felt a YES to any of these questions above, then The Heart of Creation: Soul Aligned Business Retreat For Conscious Creators is for you.


Does your heart feel the call?

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As someone who knows they are here on this planet to make a change, it can at times be exhausting, overwhelming and heartbreaking to witness the state of the world. Lightworker fatigue is real. Empath burnout is real. It can be easy to get discouraged or disheartened and question whether we are truly meant to live out our soul work.

When we’re not soulfully aligned in our work, we may be getting distracted by what other people in our niche are doing and experience confusion, uncertainty, self-doubt, burnout or a lack of vitality. We can often feel like two separate people - one in our work & one in our spiritual evolution.

When we are soulfully aligned in our work we feel abundant, energetic, confident, creative and integrated in our personal and work life.

The heart is the gateway to everything we've ever dreamed of, whether in our personal lives or business. This retreat will be all about coming back into your beautiful heart center, and creating sustainable, soulful work from this place.

Healing NOW

Magnetize your ideal clients and make the deep impact that your soul longs to create.


Embody your power in a way that feels anchored in who you truly are.

Healing NOW (1)

Deeply integrate your personal healing journey into your business & use it as fuel to propel your mission.

If your inner world is stirring...

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Who it's for:

spiritual entrepreneurs

or those wanting to begin their healing or spiritual business & share their gifts with the world,
but aren't sure how to do it.

What you will receive:

In this 3-day sacred retreat for soulful entrepreneurs, you will receive:

Healing NOW (2)

Business Takeaways

  • An aligned business plan that is built from your soul’s blueprint
  • An understanding of how to manage your unique energy and boundaries in your business
  • How to navigate the journey through expansion and contraction in your business
  • An understanding of the feminine and masculine energy within your business
  • An embodied soul portrait photography session for impactful content
  • A community of like-minded soulful creators to support you
  • Group integration and coaching call online 2 weeks after the retreat
  • Inner Transformation

  • Clarity on your soul’s purpose, your powerful WHY and your unique gifts
  • Feeling grounded in your values, vision and the power of your work
  • Alchemizing your limiting beliefs and insecurities into powerful life force energy
  • Reigniting your creativity through sacral chakra healing
  • Confidence to speak about and own your work through throat chakra activation
  • Healing NOW (1)

    Are you ready to step into your role as a divine sovereign creator?

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    What is included:

    2 nights shared accommodation in a gorgeous waterfront cabin
    Delicious high-vibe meals prepared
    Business Values & Messaging Workshop
    Embodied Shadow Alchemy Ceremony
    Dharma (Soul Purpose) Initiation
    1:1 Intuitive Business Coaching Sessions
    1:1 Bio-Energy Healing Session
    1:1 Soul Photography Session
    Soul Journey Dance
    Sacred Cacao Ceremony
    Group integration and coaching call online 2 weeks after the retreat

    Dates & Location:

    We will gather from

    September 7-9th, 2022

    We will be staying at the stunning Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Center in Maple Ridge, BC.

    Healing NOW (3)

    Why Now?

    With so many energy shifts taking place on our planet, it's easy to feel disheartened sometimes and feel like our soul work doesn't matter.

    But it does matter.

    So many of us are struggling to get our heart-centered businesses and creative projects off the ground, or to integrate our spiritually-evolving selves into our day-to-day work in a way that feels authentic.

    Right now, we have a huge opportunity to step into our soul work and create the life and impact we want to make. We know what misalignment looks and feels like in our work and personal lives, and we’re ready to step out of that.

    While the mind is a great friend and ally, our hearts are where the true magic happens. This retreat is all about coming back into your heart and creating from that space.

    Why it’s different:

    This integrative experience will provide a unique combination of personal healing, energy alchemization & heart-aligned business roadmapping that will create tangible impacts and shifts in your business.

    As business owners and creators, we need to come back into alignment with ourselves first, so that we can be in alignment with our business values, vision and purpose.

    This beautiful blend of our experience and expertise allows you to work on a whole-systems and energy level.


    The investment for the entire experience is $2222 CAD.

    A deposit of $555 is required to secure your spot.

    Payment plans are available.

    Say YES to your soul's next stage of evolution.

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    About your facilitators:

    energy healing

    Kassie is a sacred transformation guide, ceremony facilitator & energy healer. She specializes in creating sacred space to invite unconditional acceptance and compassion for all parts of you, so you can end patterns of self-betrayal and claim your power as a sovereign creator. Through various movement practices including yoga & soul journey dance, Kassie lovingly guides you to embrace all parts of yourself so you can feel safe to shine your full authentic light to the world.


    Shelby is a shadow alchemist and wild portrait photographer. Her zone of genius is transforming your limiting beliefs and insecurities into powerful life force energy through guided embodied experiences and practices. Shelby is a talented artist who captures your inner wild through soul led portrait photography that connects you to your primal nature.


    Shauna is a transformational business coach and multi-passionate creative whose purpose is to help people see the infinite potential in themselves and their unique gifts. As a spiritual business coach, Shauna works with conscious creators to help them create energetically aligned and abundant businesses.