Wow! What an incredible weekend we had together!
Thank you to everyone who came out on this beautiful weekend to connect with like-minded souls & nature, as we come together to embody our freedom! A special thank you to Victoria & Marina who co-facilitated this beautiful weekend.

This retreat was a 2-night immersive experience on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia, where we met as soul friends & allies to strengthen each other and remember our Inner Wild Woman.

Using a combination of tools including breathwork & drumming, yoga, ecstatic dance, energy healing and meditation, we came together to:

  • Activate our inner Wild Woman
  • Deepen our roots & feel grounded in our power
  • Liberate ourselves from limiting beliefs, "shoulds" & expectations into true freedom
  • Experience deep and safe connection to other empowered women
  • Connect deeply with the flows and rhythms of mama Gaia
  • Embrace our inner child through play and creative exploration
  • Awaken the magic of the present moment

The weekend included:
♡ A Purification Breath Ceremony
♡ A variety of ritual practices including drumming, chanting & mantras
♡ Ecstatic Dance
♡ Yoga Nidra & Hatha Yoga
♡ BioEnergy Healing
♡ Soul-Nourishing Food
♡ Creating Nature-Inspired Art
♡ Meditation & Walking Meditation
& more!

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